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We feel like we know you! As small business owners ourselves, we know you’re wearing a dozen hats and juggling priorities every day. Digital Marketing might just be another one of them. We offer a free evaluation package where together we define digital goals and how best to reach them. This includes planning, scoping, and consultation. We hope you’ll move forward with our proposal, but if not, we hope you’ll think of us for a future opportunity.


​​Here we go! Things are taking off. The foundation is in place and your revenue Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are trending the way you want them. What do we do to keep the momentum going? Typically the answer is some form of Marketing investment, at a pace you define and are comfortable with supporting as the momentum builds. Our shared goal in this phase is to take your idea from proof of concept to viable business, whatever that looks like to you.


​​We are off! Whether we did it together or we’re new to each other, your business is automated nicely. Revenue is flowing in through lead generation, eCommerce, or both. At this stage, you may be interested in national or even global market expansion, increasing share of wallet and average order value, or improving customer retention. Systems integrations, including Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms, are common, especially during mergers and acquisitions.

​Why PMR?

Flexible Approach​​

We have all kinds of patience if you’re just getting started. We can help you get organized and document your ideas when you’re beginning to grow. Moreover, we can help you accelerate when your idea is taking off the way you believed it would.

Deep Experience

Through our network of experts, we are confident that we can take your online business to the next level and beyond, whatever the technical challenge might be. Additionally, decades of real-world experience give you the advantage of discerning which investments are right for you today. Furthermore, with the emergence of Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI), Marketing budgets are being stretched further than ever. So, what is the right application of emerging technologies for you? Indeed, we can help.

Global Perspective

Our home base in Southern California gives us unique geographical access to markets in Europe, China, and Asia-Pacific, all places where we have launched successful online projects. Consequently, can we help you present yourself to new markets? Moreover, our support network is global and highly aware of the international digital opportunity.

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